Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for... Lisa Kleypas

eeping up with these posts is a daunting task.  Am I the only one who's tired? :)

Today's author is Lisa Kleypas, and she's another one of my favorites. Her book, Sugar Daddy, was recommended to me by a friend, and after I finished it, I was totally hooked.  One of the best things about Lisa is that she writes in several genres, including contemporary, historical, and contemporary with magical realism elements.  No matter what your mood, I'm sure one of her books will appeal to you!

P.S. One of her books, Christmas Eve in Friday Harbor, was made into a TV movie.  Did you see it?

The book
The movie


  1. I'm still ok, but next week, I'll probably be where you're at. The comments have dropped off a lot, I noticed. Never heard of Kleypas, but Sugar Daddy sounds interesting. Keep at it Lara.

  2. Argh, you're telling me! I'm only now catching up on commenters to my A post, eep! Still have B to J to get through, plus advance posting for next week!
    Hmm, I like that guy in Christmas with Holly. Which actor is it?

  3. I'm still going strong, but definitely getting a little tired!

  4. I was tired, but then my lack of internet have revived me.

  5. Agreed, I'm a little daunted myself :)

    Love Lisa Kleypas' books too!!

  6. Ooo she's one I want to try still. I love the cover on the Christmas one. So pretty.

    I'm doing okay so far with the challenge though a couple days gah were very very last minute because my brain did a total nope I got nothing! for J. Nothing! lol I'm behind on visit blogs though. I wanted to visit so many more but time just got away from me.

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

    1. I totally understand--I haven't been able to get to as many blogs as I'd hoped!

  7. Lisa is one of my all time FAVS! I think I've read almost everything she has written. I did see that Christmas movie and I totally hated it. Like reallllly hated it. The dude was like a teenager and she was all wrong. What a disappointment that was. Good thing the book was so awesome though.


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