Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for... Mount Vernon and the Vietnam Wall

Welcome back!  Today we're exploring the letter V...

The Vietnam Wall is an instantly recognizable piece of D.C.  It's a haunting memorial, elegant in its simplicity--a stark black wall of granite, etched with the names of the dead.  It's a classic, fitting tribute, made all the more powerful by the mementos left behind by visitors.

There is also a memorial to the nurses of the war, placed near the Wall.

Next up is Mount Vernon.  While technically not in D.C., Washington's home is worth the short trip out of town.

View of Mount Vernon from the river
Sitting on the Potomac River, Mount Vernon provides a fascinating glimpse of colonial life in the mid-Atlantic region.

Washington's tomb
After you're done with the house tour, make sure to walk the grounds and visit the tomb of George and Martha Washington.


  1. When the Vietnam Memorial was first mentioned I thought it was long over due to acknowledge these brave men and women's sacrifice. When I saw the design I hated it. It was stark and down right ugly by comparison to other war fallen soldiers. But then I heard of its traveling counterpart and thought, what a fabulous idea. When I actually saw it, it was breath taking. Unlike other monuments each man and woman has there spot forever in history and not just in the hearts of friends and loved ones.

    As you can see I have varying emotions about this monument.

    1. I think the names are what makes it so powerful--somehow seeing the names of the dead really brings home the magnitude of the war.

  2. If I ever get to DC I'll have to go back through all your posts for advice! These both sound fascinating.

  3. The Vietnam Memorial is so haunting, and I love Mt. Vernon. My choir sang there in 2007. It was fun.

    I haven't been by much lately due to the kitchen reno, but I'm glad I can by today. ; )

    1. What a great place to sing--that must have been a lot of fun.

      Hope the kitchen renovation is going well!

  4. Wow, don't know, but it seems weird, the tomb. I just caught up with the last few posts. Sorry, I haven't been here sooner. But I do have to admit, I love any park with name Rock!

    Collect the damn things and not the little ones. When we're out driving my husband always distracts me from the sight of rocks cause I've actually made him stop. He's stronger than me and can carry the larger ones. :) Yup, I have them in my house and outside too! Has something to do with AGE! The oldest things in the world maybe?

    1. Glad to have you back!

      Rocks aren't a bad thing to collect--I've seen some really interesting ones. :)


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