Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for... Petersen House and Politics and Prose

Here we are at the letter P already!  Still a lot to see in the city, but today we're going to focus on 2 sites.

First up is the Petersen House.  This is across the street from Ford's Theater, and is the private home where President Lincoln was taken after he was shot.  A replica of the bed in which he died is on display, and it's heartbreaking--it's such a small bed, you can imagine how they had to fold this tall man into it.  The tour doesn't take very long, and you should definitely check it out after you leave Ford's Theater.
The bed was too short, so they had to lay him at an angle to fit.
The exterior of Petersen House
Next on our tour is another bookstore: Politics and Prose.  Located in NW D.C., this is the city's other well-known independent bookstore that boasts a lot of discussion and author reading and signings.  It's a must-see for the literary set!
The storefront

That's it for today!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for our celebration of the letter Q!


  1. Sa-weet! You always need to know where good bookstores are.

    I'm finding there is much I don't know about DC.

    1. The teacher in me is happy you're learning :)


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