Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for... Georgetown and the National Geographic Museum

It's Monday, which means we're on to the letter G in the A to Z blogging challenge.  I hope you're all caught up on your rest, because we have a lot of sites to cover this week!

No discussion of the G's in D.C. would be complete without mentioning Georgetown.  Not only is this a university, it's a neighborhood in the western part of the city that originally served as a port, due to it's location right on the Potomac.  It's got a lot of shops and restaurants, and has kind of a preppy feel to it, thanks in no small part to the university.  There's a lot of nightlife here, but it's not served by Metro trains, so I never spent much time in this area.
Georgetown Row Houses
The Old Stone House
For you horror movie buffs, Georgetown is home to the Exorcist staircase:

The infamous stairs
I'm sure you've all seen the famous yellow-bordered National Geographic magazine, and you may even be familiar with the National Geographic television channel.  Did you know there is a National Geographic museum?  It's true--and lucky for you, it's located in D.C., which means it's the next stop on our tour.

The museum isn't very big, but it's packed with a lot of cool exhibits.  I saw two specialty exhibits here (one on the Lost Gospel, and one on Castle sieges), and both were quite amazing.  The museum is tucked away a few blocks outside of downtown D.C., and it's well worth a visit.

NGS administration building, not the museum
Have you been to any of these places?


  1. All of them. But Georgetown just driving down the street is an adventure in its self.

  2. Nope, but now I want to go. Hmm, I wonder if we could plan a trip.

  3. Last time I was in DC I went to the Smithsonian. That was cool. Come to think of it, that was the first time I was in DC, too!
    If I ever come back, the NGM is on my list!
    Happy A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima's blog

    1. You could spend weeks in the Smithsonian museums and not see everything! :)

  4. From time to time, I watch the National Geographic channel.
    I'd love to visit the Nat Geo museum!

    Writer In Transit

  5. I had no idea there was a national geographic museum! all of these posts are really making me want to travel to DC-- you're like a blogging advertisement for tourism ;)

  6. I didn't know there was a National Geographic Museum and I got the magazine for over a year and watched the channel for longer than that. I would love to go there!

  7. Eek! Two more - I'd definitely love to visit these places!


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