Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for... The Kennedy Center and Kramerbooks

Wow, we're already to the letter K! Seems like we just started this thing, and we're already about halfway through.  How time flies...

On today's tour, we're going to stop at the Kennedy Center.  Sitting on the Potomac River, this performing arts center is a distinctive landmark in a city that is full of unique and interesting buildings.

The Kennedy Center
One of the great things about this institution is the variety of performances you can find here.  Symphony?  Yep.  Opera?  You bet. Broadway musicals?  You better believe it.  Smaller plays or chamber music?  Sure.  Pretty much any type of musical event, dance performance, play, or performance art has a home here, and it's a great venue in terms of sound quality and stage design.  Not to mention, the view of the Potomac is amazing, so you have a lovely setting for your intermission drinks.  All in all, you should really try to catch a show here while you're in town.

After the show, head back to Dupont Circle and stop by Kramerbooks & Afterwords.  This is one of my favorite places in D.C., as it seamlessly combines two of my favorite things: books and food. :)

Front entrance
There are two entrances to the store: the bookstore entrance and the cafe entrance.  The cafe and bookstore are connected, so you can browse the stacks while you wait for a table.  The food is good, the atmosphere amazing, and on nice days, you can sit outside and people watch while you eat.  All in all, this is a great spot to relax and take in the city.

Our last stop is the Korean War Veterans Memorial.  Although this memorial isn't as well known as the other monuments, this is a haunting site that is definitely worth a visit.

A patrol marches through this memorial, and to their right stands a wall of images:

The wall is impressive in the daylight, but it really comes alive at night, when lights on the ground make the images glow, giving the whole thing a ghostly feel.

So that's it for the K's, folks.  I hope you come back tomorrow for the letter L!


  1. Good choices. Loved Krammer books.I used to spend every other Saturday there for hours.

    1. It's so easy to lose track of time in that store!

  2. Awesome sights, more reason for me the visit, DC. Also book store with food and books- at the top of my list.

  3. If I ever get to D.C., the war memorials are all on my list.

    I know I'm not replying to every post, but I am reading and enjoying every single one.

  4. These on my list for a DC Visit. :) Hope I get there!

  5. Hi Lara. Popping by from AtoZ. Looks like you're having a good challenge. Great posts with some interesting pics. I've never been but know who I'll ask when I do for where to go!

  6. Is the Korean monument new / newish? I don't remember it being there when I lived in No. Virginia.

    1. I'm not sure how long it's been around... It's not as much of a draw as the Lincoln or Vietnam Wall, so I don't think it's as well-known.

  7. Wow. What a powerful memorial. I got goosebumps just looking at the photos. Can't imagine what it would be like to see in person.

    And the cafe/bookstore thing; absolutely the best thing evah! I have a favorite place in Ft. Langley I like to visit that is much the same.

    Thank you for sharing, Lara!

  8. Ooh, I missed that bookstore when I was there!
    Is it bad that my main frame of reference for the Korean war is MASH?


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