Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Tis the season.... IWSG December

Time for another IWSG post!  Check out the website and sign up to join us!

This month, I want to take a moment and offer my thanks.  I've had a wonderful year, both personally and professionally, and I really appreciate all the support I've received from the blogging community.  This is a really great group of people, and I want you all to know that the time you've taken to visit my blog and your kind words mean a lot to me.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season!  See you next month!


  1. Lara, what a wonderful post. You've inspired to write my own thank-you-IWSG. Happy writing.

  2. Gratitude posts are always welcome. So nice to meet you!

  3. Awww this is sweet! The blogging community is awesome & definitely gets my thanks too. :)

  4. It's great you're happy and healthy, and appreciate the good things in your life. More people should appreciate the good and not complain about the bad. (Chiefly, me!)

  5. This is a lovely post :) I'm so glad you had such a good year - and we're grateful for you, too! Happy Holidays!


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