Monday, December 29, 2014

A day in the life...

4:00 am

"Mom.  Mom."  Poke, poke.  "MOM!"
"Ugh.  What is it?"
"Oh, hey.  You're up.  We have a problem."
"We do?"
"Yes.  I can see the bottom of my food bowl."
"Is there still food in it?"
"Some.  But not as much as before.  I'm really hungry."
"Then finish the food that is there."
"But Mom, I'm starving here!"
"No, you're not.  Now let me go back to sleep.  Not all of us get to take 18 hour naps."
"Fine.  I'll just go gnaw on some books for sustenance."
"Sounds good."  Pause.  "Wait, what did you say?!"

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