Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for... J.R. Ward

ell, better late than never, right?  Apologies for posting late--my Mom called me last night, and the family cat, Belle, was having trouble walking.  We took her to the emergency vet, and I didn't get home until almost midnight.  Belle had to stay the night, which made her even grumpier than usual.  She's home now, sprawled out on the bed and resting up after her overnight adventure.  I wish I could say she's fine, but she's an 18 year old kitty who is having some age-related problems.  I just hope that whatever time she has left with us is happy.

Moving on, today's author is one that tends to be rather polarizing.  Not because of her subject matter, but because of her writing style.  Readers either love her or they hate her--I haven't really found anyone who is indifferent or middle-of-the-road when it comes to their impressions.

J.R. Ward writes the wildly popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series (BDB, for those 'in the know') and more recently, the Fallen Angels series.  Both are paranormal, and both are quite steamy.  I've enjoyed both, but as for the BDB series, I prefer the earlier books to the more recent ones.

J.R. didn't always write paranormal romance.  A few of her earlier titles have been re-released, when she was writing as Jessica Bird.  I've read one of the contemporary romances, and enjoyed it.  The style was nothing like her vampire books, so if you're one of those readers who doesn't enjoy the Brothers, perhaps try one of the Jessica Bird books?

What about you?  Have you read any of her novels? What did you think?


  1. Oh goodness. Poor girlie! Glad she's home and resting up. They can really get you all churned up can't they?

    Ward is one I'm mixed on. I kind of fall in both groups. lol I LOVED the first half of the BDB series (and her Angels). Zsadist's book is one of my all time favorites and the only one I've ever read 3 times. Just love it. But then after the original brothers books I kind of lost interest mainly because her writing style changed and had so many secondary storylines. I like the ones that are mainly the hero/heroine and their hea. Those totally do me in with hers. So good!

    1. I agree--I think the earlier books in the BDB series were much stronger. It seems like in the later books the series has gotten bogged down with subplots that don't seem to go anywhere.

  2. So sorry to hear about Belle, but glad she's feeling better. Yes, it is really tough as our beloved pets get older. They give us so many years of happiness, but it's devastating when they go. I haven't read any of J.R. Ward's novels, but they sound interesting.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Stephanie! I'm happy to report that Belle is doing much better, now that she's on the proper medication :)


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