Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for... Joanna Bourne, Shannon K. Butcher, and Patricia Briggs

ecause there are so many great books and authors out there, I couldn't pick just one for today's post.  So you get three :)

First up is Joanna Bourne.  She writes smart historical romance, and having met her in person, I can attest that she's very nice as well.  Her most recent book, The Black Hawk, was a tour de force, and won her the RITA, which is the romance industry's highest award.  If you haven't read Jo, add her to your list right away!

The Sentinel Wars, Book 1
For paranormal romance, I really enjoy Shannon K. Butcher.  Her Sentinel Wars series is great, and while I haven't read her romantic suspense books, I hear good things about them as well.  (As a side note, I also enjoy her husband's books.  His name is Jim Butcher, and he writes the Harry Dresden series about a wizard private eye in Chicago.  Good stuff.)

Finally, no exploration of the letter B would be complete without mentioning Patricia Briggs.  She writes two urban fantasy series that I love--Mercy Thompson and the Alpha and Omega books.  While the books are not strictly romance, they do have a love story at their core.
Alpha and Omega, Book 1

Mercy Thompson, Book 1

And now it's your turn.  What 'B' authors or books do you like?


  1. I can not say I have a "B" author I enjoy but I do have a set of "B" books I am hoked on and they are Blossom Street Novels by Debbie Macomber.

  2. I have nearly every novel Patricia Briggs has written. Love everything too. Her latest in the Mercy Thompson series, Night Broken is outstanding.

  3. I'll have to check out Joanna Bourne--I LOVE historicals!

  4. Oooh more B's! I mean, I'm not calling them B's o_0 lol bad joke? Fine. They sound interesting, I might be more into Shannon and Patricia's books...but only cause I'm on a paranormal/UF kick this month lol

  5. It's a triple treat here at your place!
    (I don't know why I was under the impression that you were not doing A to Z this year...?)
    Writer In Transit

  6. Can't think of a "B" author off the top of my head, but would add my vote for the Blossom Street it sort of counts.

  7. Wow. I don't normally follow all the AtoZ stuff, but I might just have to follow yours. :)

    I like some things by Mary Balogh (sp?). One of my favorites is 'Simply Love.' I'm also working my way through the 'Slightly-' series.

    Great post!
    IWSG #243, until Alex culls the list again.

  8. Dino Buzzati fan myself--but then again, I'm a sucker for a good short story!!

  9. You got to meet Joanna Bourne? How cool! Adding names to my to-read list... :)

  10. Mary Balogh! I love her books, have you read them? I think my favorites were the "Slightly" series. :)

  11. Hi. Not sure what to answer to your question, but I probably would have liked to read Shannon Butcher and Patricia Briggs :)

  12. Yay for Jo!
    I don't know your other A-Z authors - darn it, you're adding to my wishlist! :-)

    Love your back cover copy too (from the earlier post)

    1. Thanks, Deniz! I'm excited for this one to come out :)

  13. I haven't read Mary Balogh or the Blossom Street Series, but both are on my TBR list! :

  14. My TBR list is going to be bulging after this lol. Amazons one click will love me, my bank account and hubby, not so much lol


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