Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for... Dee Davis, Jo Davis, Mary Margaret Daughtridge, Lydia Dare

on't you just love books?  There are so many great stories out there, it makes me wish there were more hours in the day so I could have extra time to read!

I have several great authors to spotlight today, so let's get to it!

First up is Dee Davis.  Her romantic suspense A-TAC series is really clever, with the operatives doubling as college professors.  Since I'm a professor with daydreams of being a secret agent, this one was right up my alley.  Start with Dark Deceptions.  You won't be disappointed.

Next up is Jo Davis (no, I don't think they're related). Jo writes a romantic suspense series with firefighters, and she has a new(ish) series with police officers that I haven't had a chance to get to yet (but the books are on my shelf!).  Definitely worth checking out!

I adore Mary Margret Daughtridge's books. Her SEAL series focuses on what life is like for these elite warriors when they're not at war, and the characters are so real they practically jump off the page.  It's one of my favorite contemporary romance series, and I can't wait for her to put out more books!

Finally, if you enjoy paranormal romance and historical romance, give Lydia Dare a try!  They (yes, they.  Lydia Dare is the pseudonym of two authors who have teamed up) write paranormal historical romances, and they have two main series: werewolves and vampires.  Both are quite enjoyable.

Have you read any of these authors?  What do you think?


  1. LOL when I first read the two Davis authors' names I assumed it was the same person with different pseudonym. These all sound great, all the guys with their hot chests on the covers don't hurt either :P

    1. Yeah, the marketing department really knows their audience ;)

  2. I haven't actually read these authors, but that's because I hide in my safe YA world. *shrugs* (That or I'd be afraid of carrying about books with half-naked men on the covers...when I have so many young ones in the house...and a husband. Want to see me turn beet red? =)

  3. That's cool about Lydia Dare. I've often wanted to have a writing partner, someone to share the pain and -- pleasure? nope -- more pain with. lol

  4. These seem like cool books, just more to add on my growing pile of books I need to read.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  5. I haven't read any of the authors before but I do have a couple of Dee Davis on my shelf to read. Great recommendation!

    Cheers, Michelle

  6. I haven't read any of the...not really in to romantic fiction, but I think I'll look for a Dee Davis and see if I like her style.

  7. OK, I'm kind of a sucker for firefighters, I admit it :) these sound great!

  8. Glad you guys are enjoying the recommendations! :)

  9. Oh oh! I love your picks. DeeDavis and JoDavis are two of my favorites. Gah her firefighters do me in. I was really excited to hear about the spin off series she's doing on them. Total *squee* Moment. lol

    I've not read Lydia Dare but both of the ladies are great. They live in my area and I've attended a few events they were part of. I really do need to read them soon!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

  10. I struggled to focus after the trial by fire cover lol.


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