Friday, October 5, 2012

Happiness is....

It took an extreme act of willpower, but I managed to refrain from buying this DVD the day it was released.  Shocking, I know.

At least now I can ogle Hawkeye's biceps in the comfort of my own home. [g]  I'll miss the movie theatre popcorn though--I can never get the microwave stuff to taste the same.

What was your movie of the summer?

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  1. I'm not a big movie-goer. I like movies, I just prefer to wait for the DVD for most of them. I did see The Avengers in May in the IMAX/3-D theater--but only because I was chaperoning my son's band trip and that's what we did. :)

    I am waiting anxiously for the Star Trek sequel coming out next spring. The reboot and the last Harry Potter movie are the last two movies I chose to see in the theater. And I'm sure you know how long it's been since those came out!


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