Friday, April 22, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things - Wedding edition

Happy Friday!  It's been a nice week here, and I hope you can say the same. This week, I'm celebrating the upcoming wedding of a dear friend.  The actual wedding isn't until September, but she's in full planning mode and I'm getting to help a little.  We're meeting today for lunch and wedding dress shopping, which should be a lot of fun.  Mister and I had a simple courthouse wedding (which I wouldn't change for the world), and it will be nice to help her plan her ceremony. :)

I joined Pinterest so we could exchange ideas on dresses, flowers, and the like.  I really don't know what I'm doing, but if you'd like to connect there, I'd love to see you!

What are you up to this weekend?

If you've been reading my blog, you know that Fridays are reserved for a post where I celebrate the little things that have happened during the week. This is a blog hop created by Vikki and now hosted by Lexa Cain, and it's one of my favorite blogging things to do.  I encourage you to check out her blog and the full list of participants, because who doesn't love reading about good things? 


  1. Wedding dress shopping is such fun! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. Wedding dress shopping is such fun! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. What an exciting time for your friend! I'm sure she needs all the help she can get. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I have to admit, I'm a little afraid of pinterest. I think I would spend way too much time there, and I would feel really bad about all the things I can't do.

    Hope your weekend was a lot of fun. We celebrated our 18th anniversary!

  5. Ooh, Pinterest! I haven't posted there much lately but it's a great place to collect story inspiration images. I think I'm denizb33 on there...


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