Monday, March 24, 2014

It's alive!!!

Apologies to classic Frankenstein movies for the title, but it seemed fitting. I was out all last week moving, and believe it or not, I'm still not quite done.  Gotta love the joys of moving!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few photos with you all.  Now that things are winding down, I hope to resume posting on a more regular basis--I miss you guys!  Hope you're all doing well!
The side porch and pergola.  It's getting stained this week, and will
then be ready for Spring!
The den/living room, complete with all my pretties :)
Dining room light fixture
The master bedroom.  Note the liberal coating of cat hair over
the NEW blue bedspread.  You can see the unrepentant culprits,
conspiring to add additional deposits.


  1. Oh what a gorgeous place! Love that deck...and the hairballs.

  2. Beautiful! Love that bookcase. :)
    I'm with the cats, though. Curled up on that comforter is where I'd be. :P

  3. My imaginary dream house has a bookshelf like that- love it!

  4. Congrats, gal. It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to gush in person.

  5. I love it! The bookcases are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Girl! You have some fabulous taste! I love it!

  7. Hi Lara .. I love the lamp - please could you post it over! Well done on getting everything sorted .. the cats are happy! Cheers Hilary

  8. Lara, the place is looking fab!
    I love the pergola - great spot to curl up with one of those books from your bookcases...
    Will miss you on the A to. Z circuit!

  9. Looking great! I love the bedspread and the bedroom floor. So nice. And wow! that's a lot of bookshelves.

  10. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. We're still settling in, but enjoying ourselves very much! :)


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