Saturday, November 10, 2012

Coming up for air...

Wow, I've really neglected the blog this week.  In my defense, I'm deep in NaNo land, and while I'm a bit behind (as the calendar in the sidebar shows) I have hopes of pulling this off.  I'm just going to keep plugging away, and I tell myself that every day I write is a good day. :)

Now, on to some potentially exciting news.  I submitted my first manuscript, Edge of Trust, to an editor a few months ago.  She wrote back this week, telling me she liked the book, and would I be willing to revise and resubmit the story?  Naturally, I agreed.

While this is in no way a guarantee of publication, I'm over the moon!  Part of me still can't believe that someone I'm not friends with or related to likes my writing, and wants to work with me on making it better.  I'll keep you all updated as this adventure progresses, but in the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope everyone out there is doing well.  To all my fellow NaNo'ers, keep writing!


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