Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pre-order LETHAL LIES today!

I'm happy to report that the pre-order links for my December release, LETHAL LIES, are active!

You can find the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble now, and I'll post links for other retailers as I find them.

What's this book about?  Here's a short description I posted to Facebook a few days ago...

Alex Malcom is an undercover FBI agent who has infiltrated a violent D.C. gang. When his cover is blown and the only man who can prove his innocence is shot, he kidnaps ER doctor Jillian Mahoney, hoping she can save the injured man. But the gang is determined to find him, and now Jillian's life is in danger as well. Oh, and did I mention it's December and a raging snow storm has the city on lockdown?

This was such a fun book to write--Alex and Jillian go through so much together, and I loved developing their story and their relationship :)  I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

If this sounds like your kind of book, please consider pre-ordering it today!


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