Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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I think I told you that last month at the RWA National meeting, I had an editor request my full manuscript and a synopsis.  I finally finished the formatting and final read-through of Edge of Trust tonight, and just sent my first finished book whirring through cyberspace to land (softly, I hope) in the inbox of said editor.  Now the waiting begins.

Editors and agents are always talking about 'voice' or that 'next big thing.'  I'm too close to this book to tell if it has either one, but I sure do hope so.  I've had some awesome beta readers (thanks, guys!), and they didn't punish me for making them read the book, so I'm hopeful this editor will enjoy it as well.  Either way, I will definitely let you know.

Wish me (and James and Kelly) luck!


  1. Awesome, congrats Lara :)

    I´ll keep everything crossed for you!!

  2. Thanks guys! I'll let you know what happens! :)

  3. Good luck! I hope they love it and it turns out to be the first of a very long writing career for you:<)


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