Sunday, June 10, 2012

But what do they look like?

I'm about to send off Edge of Trust to my awesome cadre of beta readers--I wanted to do this sooner, but life (and NaNo) got in my way.  Sorry about that, guys!

In the interest of sharing with the rest of you, I thought I'd post links to pictures of how I imagined the characters of Kelly and James.  So, without further ado, here are the hero and heroine of Edge of Trust!

This is James.  He looks very nice in his suit, don't you agree?

And here's Kelly, with her hair in its customary ponytail.

I'm working on Thomas and Claire's story now, so stayed tuned for pictures of them in the coming weeks!

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  1. I like James, he is absolutely my type, but sadly the pic of Kelly isn´t showing for me.

    And I´m looking forward to reading more of EDGE OF TRUST


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