Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday - For the Love of Office Supplies

I wish I could say that these 2 cups represent the total of my pen collection, but that would be a lie.

I have a weakness for office supplies.  I lose track of time in a Staples or Office Depot, and roam the aisles checking out all the pens, post-its, notebooks, and calendars.  Don't even get me started on the briefcases and desk accessories!

Do I use all these pens?  No, of course not.  Do I need more pens?  No. But I can't help myself from buying more, especially if they're the gel pens that write so smoothly, with a squishy grip that makes for easy holding.  At least I'm happy with cheap(ish) writing utensils--I can't imagine how ridiculous things would be if I preferred expensive fountain pens or something along those lines.

Do you love office supplies, too?  What's your weakness?


  1. I LOVE office supplies. I have to take my kids with me when I shop to make sure I get out in a reasonable time (imagine a two and three year old running around the store, throwing stuff around) I'm a pen snob. I won't use cheap pens, even if they were free. I use the gel pens and someday I do want an expensive fountain pen. What can I say. I may wear clothes from walmart but my office supplies have to be top notch.

    1. I have a confession... I don't know how to write with a fountain pen. I know you have to be careful with the nib, and that you should never let anyone else use your fountain pen, but I've never actually tried to write with one before. Am I missing out?

  2. I never have a collection of pens like that -- I lose them too quickly. This made me think of a George Carlin sketch about losing stuff. Basically, he theorizes that when we die, we get back all the stuff we lost (I'd drown in a pool of pens and pencils!)


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