Friday, May 16, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - Blast from the past edition

Hi everyone!  Sorry I'm so late with today's post--I'm at a work conference in Boston and am just now stealing a few minutes to myself.  It's been a great meeting so far, and I was surprised and delighted to run into an old friend from grad school today. I had no idea he would be here, and we spent the lunch break catching up and reminiscing about our time in grad school.  It was a lovely bonus to this conference, and I'm glad I got to see him again.

How was your week?  What are you celebrating with us?

If you've been reading my blog, you know that Fridays are reserved for a post where I celebrate the little things that have happened during the week.  This is a blog hop hosted by VikLit, and it's one of my favorite blogging things to do.  I encourage you to check out her blog and the full list of participants, because who doesn't love reading about good things?


  1. Oh fun! Who'd you run in to?! Doug? Andrew? Christina?! So many Boston peeps!

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  3. That sounds like fun! Hmm, celebrating another sunny day! I had lunch out on a terrace :-)

    1. I love eating outside when the weather is nice--it's so lovely! :)

  4. Sounds like your conference is going well. How nice that you ran into an old friend!

  5. It's always good to see an old friend.

  6. Catching up with an old friend is always worth celebrating!


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